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Serving IP attorneys, Law Firms & Corporations

The Case Consulting is a legal boutique search firm, specializing in Intellectual Property (IP). Leveraging an extensive unrivaled network of legal professionals, we connect exceptional talent with discerning firms and corporations across the nation. 

Our clients and candidates receive side-by-side comparisons of the newest IP market opportunities and objective guidance from our team of professional IP recruiters. 

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Intellectual Property Recruiters


We are an exclusive team of legal recruiting consultants specializing in Intellectual Property law. With a unique understanding of the IP expert landscape and a personal selection process, we are committed to satisfying our select client groups. We strive to represent an extension of our clients’ employer brand, with the sole focus to engage and attract the best IP attorneys in the market.

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305 Broadway, suite 1001, New York, 10007

212 8221427

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